ELE connects executive educators from Calhoun, Fairfield, Lexington, Newberry, Orangeburg, and Richland counties with business and community leaders across the Midlands region for exposure to talent needs in today’s workforce. Colonial Life is committed to enhancing education within South Carolina through charitable funding and support for programs and services that help prepare students for college, career, and citizenship and enhance the leadership of our state’s educators.

Main Goal
The Education Leaders Experience aims to provide established educational leaders with unique experiential learning opportunities. The program is designed to build stronger ties between business and community leaders and leaders in education, highlighting examples of change leadership from the business and community sector and addressing economic trends that influence the workforce in South Carolina. Sessions will focus on useful tools and strategies to strengthen leadership vision and effectiveness for school and student success.

The ELE Experience
The ELE Cohort Experience offers a deep dive into the essence of leadership and professional growth. This comprehensive journey presents a holistic view of leadership, economic trends, and the evolving workforce landscape.

  • Discover Leadership Potential: Exploration of diverse leadership styles and strengths is prioritized, emphasizing fostering a culture of engagement and service.
  • Economic Insights: Insights into the prevailing trends in the South Carolina economy illuminate the implications for the future workforce.
  • Talent Dynamics: The program addresses the needs of modern-day students, equipping them for a globalized workforce.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: The challenges and opportunities of business ownership are showcased, providing insights into success across various industries.
  • Shadowing Leaders: A unique shadowing opportunity allows for pairing with community or business leaders, offering a deeper understanding of executive roles.
  • Political Influence: The program underscores the significance of involvement in South Carolina politics and its potential to drive positive change in the educational system.
  • Embracing Change: Observations are made on how businesses and communities navigate and adapt to competitive market changes.
  • Celebration & Reflection: The experience culminates with insights from shadowing sessions, recognizing the collective growth of the cohort.

Throughout the program, engagement in tours, panel discussions, and networking opportunities with esteemed business and community leaders is facilitated. Sessions are hosted at various locations throughout the Midlands.

The ELE program was created by Colonial Life and is administered in partnership with the Center for Educational Partnerships at the University of South Carolina. Monthly sessions and evaluations are facilitated by Verbalizing Visions, LLC.

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