This article details the author’s practitioner inquiry project focused on examining teachers’ feelings about and uses of teaching with technology in a hybrid format during the COVID-19 pandemic. Data suggests that the Collaborative Inquiry Group (CIG) and administrative support provided to teachers influenced teachers’ positive views and experiences as they started teaching with technology.


  • A professional development school (PDS) is a learning community guided by a comprehensive, articulated mission that is broader than the goals of any single partner, and that aims to advance equity, antiracism, and social justice within and among schools, colleges/universities, and their respective community and professional partners.
  • A PDS is a context for continuous professional learning and leading for all participants, guided by need and a spirit and practice of inquiry.
  • A PDS is a community that engages in collaborative research and participates in the public sharing of results in a variety of outlets.
  • A PDS is built upon shared, sustainable governance structures that promote collaboration, foster reflection, and honor and value all participants’ voices.
  • A PDS creates space for, advocates for, and supports college/university and P–12 faculty to operate in well-defined, boundary-spanning roles that transcend institutional settings.

Brooke Scott

Brooke Scott is a former 3rd grade and 4th grade teacher and Customized Learning Coach. She is now an administrator at Oak Pointe Elementary School in South Carolina.